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PMS Windows Portable App?

derek.w0derek.w0 Members Posts: 2
Does anyone know if there is a Portable app version of PMS for windows? (ie. firefox portable) I would like to run it from a USB drive so it would need to not access the registry of the current machine, and be installable on just a usb flash drive. Portableapps.com has tools to create such a thing, however I don't have the know how to make it happen. Anyone?


  • mfeingolmfeingol Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 5,091 Plex Employee
    PMS does a few things that would preclude this at the moment. E.g.:

    1) Install Bonjour during setup.
    2) Use the registry as a configuration store.
    3) Use the local user's appdata directory to store plugins and such.

    I will admit that the idea of a portable media server hadn't occurred to me. What's the scenario?
  • IMacosirisIMacosiris Members, Plex Pass Posts: 455 Plex Pass
    Maybe just the client ??
    Now with version 9.5.1 maybe is a god idea doesn't ?
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