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ThomasCSRThomasCSR Posts: 214Members ✭✭

Entering meta data starting with the title, Plex decides and fill out the title sort line saving the changes and close the window even though I didn't approve the changes!
I’ll have to reopen the window to finish meta date editing.


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  • ThomasCSRThomasCSR Posts: 214Members ✭✭

    I just realized that the meta data window sometimes closes by itself while I'm typing in a random line.
    I guess Plex is updating meta data and ignores the changes I want to make.
    I temporary disabled all scanning since I had a hardware breakdown and want to reestablish everything before I enable scanning. Maybe meta data are updated automatically. That shouldn’t overwrite and close the edit window though.

  • ThomasCSRThomasCSR Posts: 214Members ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    I'm closing this one

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