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Plex library

CamelKnightCamelKnight Posts: 6Members ✭✭

Please help me out because I'm completely lost.
I have 92 series but Plex only shows me 91. I found the missing one, renamed it and updated the library. Plex now, correctly, tells me there are 92 series. It even found the correct poster for it.
I proceed to download a short series (2 episodes) and update the library once more. Plex recognises the series I just downloaded and adds it to my library BUT removes the one I added only minutes earlier. Hence I end up with 92 series instead of the 93 I should have.

This problem (Plex "forgetting" entries in the library) has existed for quite some time and I'd love to know how to fix it, circumvent it, prevent it or whatever, as long as I don't run into it anymore.
Can anyone help me because I'm lost :(


  • doctrtube1doctrtube1 Posts: 18Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited April 21

    "I found the missing one, renamed it and updated the library."
    I have never had Plex "forget" an entry.
    I'm guessing its a problem with your file naming.


    Have you checked the file name according to TVDB?
    Have you checked the file names for all your other series, could be a conflict there.

  • JuiceWSAJuiceWSA Posts: 4,335Members ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited April 21

    Here is the Official Rule Book for TV Shows:
    There are some serious caveats to consider - when your TV Show has more than one 'Version' (a modern remake, for instance), but we'll blow that bridge when we come to it. You'll have to provide the names of these mystery shows that are misbehaving or provide a full set of log files so we can see for ourselves:
    Drag zip to a message window and drop it.

    Not following the above rules 'to the letter' would be:
    1) Foolish
    2) Result in unpredictable/unreliable operation.

  • chyron8472chyron8472 Posts: 163Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited April 21

    I suspect the files in question are getting merged into some other series, likely due to bad naming conventions for the files and folders.

    Also, if you have the "Local Media Assets" source set above other agents, Plex will label them using metadata embedded in the files instead of TVDB's naming conventions. In that case, you would need to either A) fix the incorrect embedded metadata; 2) remove said metadata by editing it and leaving it blank; or d) move the "Local Media Assets" source in the TheTVDB agent list to a lower slot so the "TheTVDB" source has higher priority. ....The latter of these three options is the easiest.

    Also--assuming that the TheTVDB source is listed higher--if you have files in a series that do not exist at TVDB.com, or else they are listed there but in a location you don't like (for example, if you want to insert a Special episode at the end/beginning of a season instead of in "Specials"; or if you have DVD Special Features which are not included in TVDB's database) then you must name those files by labeling them as an episode number that TVDB doesn't include for that season.

    For example, if you want the film "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls" listed at the end of Season 3 (when it was released) instead of in Specials, you need to rename the filename as S03E14 (or higher), because season 3 stopped at episode 13. If you have DVD Special Features not listed at TVDB.com but want to include them, you can name the files as S00E101 or similar, assuming there isn't an episode 100+ in the "Specials" season listed for that series.

  • ilbaronegrossoilbaronegrosso Posts: 14Members ✭✭

    I admit that the following is a brutal method, especially because you have 93 series!
    Anyway you could temporarily move all of your 92 series folders from the main Plex folder, and just enter there the new series only.
    In this way you'll be able to understand how Plex names the new series you want to add. Should you see that it is recognized as something else you already have in your collection, then you'll be sure that the problem is a naming problem, just like told by the others in this discussion.

    I understand that this is possible only if you must not phisically move the folders to another disc, but only remove them temporarily from the main Plex folder.
    I act this way especially when working with the music section, and for this reason I did not use the main folder of my media disc as Plex folder, but created a Plex main folder into the root folder, so that I can manage any show folder back and forth without much stress.

    Hope this helps.

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