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Naming a single tv episode split into multiple files

infomofoinfomofo Posts: 22 Plex Pass
Trying to figure out the naming conventions for tv episodes split
I have a few files in my library where a tv show's individual episode is split into multiple files on my hard drive.

For example, for the tv series "The Lost Room", the tvdb records the episodes as they aired on tv, so for example they call the first episode "S01E01- The Key and The Clock".

However, the dvd actually represents this as two episodes, "The Key" and "The Clock" (This is how the creator intended them, but the network had decided to air it as 3 2 hour episodes rather than 6 1 hour episodes.

I have tried naming it S01E01.Part1 and S01E01.Part2, but the scraper is not recognizing these. I could merge them using a separate video editing software, but I was hoping there might be a cleaner solution?


  • tobeswsutobeswsu Posts: 2,878 Plex Pass
    In my opinion, merging them would be a cleaner solution. :P But you could try Pt1 and Pt2 and remove the period maybe? Try this filename:
    The Lost Room S01E01 Pt1.ext (avi/mkv/mp4)
  • Chris CChris C Posts: 11,795 Plex Employee
    Check this previous post where I did some quick testing of "stacking" content for TV episodes.
  • infomofoinfomofo Posts: 22 Plex Pass
    Chris C wrote:

    Check this previous post where I did some quick testing of "stacking" content for TV episodes.

    Umm, that kinda works. I named the files:

    "The Lost Room.S01E01 Part1.The Key.avi"
    "The Lost Room.S01E01 Part1.The Clock.avi"

    And now it shows up in my library as one episode "The Key and the Clock", and when I click it I get prompted with if I want to select:

    so, I can't tell which part is which, but so far it does seem to always be putting part1 as the first one...
  • Chris CChris C Posts: 11,795 Plex Employee
    You're saying they're the same part (Part1 and Part1), so Plex is "merging" the files. That's why you get the prompt to select the version. Instead, use Part1 and Part2. Then Plex will "stack" the files, treat it as a single episode, and play the two files back to back.
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