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Play a single TV episode on mobile (Android), or fling to Chromecast

hlygrailhlygrail Posts: 5Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Ok, so I'm relatively new to Plex, but super not-new to the concept of flinging to Chromecast (I have 3), streaming/transcoding media across the network, and using other library apps (like XBMC) to do this sort of thing. Which is why I'm really stumped...

I have a newly-minted TV Shows library. From a web browser, I can play and cast even single episodes to wherever I want, or watch them locally. But from the Plex Android app, i can't seem to find any way whatsoever to drill into a TV show (by series or season or folder) and watch a SINGLE episode.

Actually, there isn't really way to even scroll through the episodes themselves to begin with, that I can find. When I click on the series name, I just get a panel that has all the series info (genre, cast) and a few icon-buttons to create a playlist, mark (the whole series???) as watched, something w/ Plex Sync and a button that has crossing up and down arrows that seems to play the first episode of that series -- or maybe it will eventually play all the episodes. But that seems like a really torturous way to get to episode 23, for example. Oh, and there's an "Add to Queue" and "Play All" selection in the 3-dot pop-up -- again, not helpful for going after a specific episode.

I can't possibly be the only human that just wants to play episode X. What the @*&;^ am I missing in this GUI here?

FWIW, the Plex app isn't activated yet -- I will absolutely pay the lifetime deal in a split second if I can get all this to work and have it be usable enough for Wife 1.0. But that doesn't seem to be a factor here in the UI, unless it just doesn't allow single-ep playing until registered. Anyone?

PMS, Intel i7-930
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  • hlygrailhlygrail Posts: 5Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Alright, so I did enough testing with a family member that has the paid version of the app to prove that what I am seeing is very different from him. Same Android app, same server code, except his app is "paid" and mine was not.

    I bought a one-month Plex Pass, and stupidmagicly, everything now works the way I would expect it to. So, it would be super-nice for the Plex team to document that the non-authenticated Android app can't actually drill down into Seasons or Episodes until paid up, so peeps don't waste their time. Or fix the bug if it's supposed to... Anyone who's evaluating the app and expecting that to work may very well move on to something else, so it could easily be hurting your income based on a bad first impression.

    FWIW, I'm on the latest app (v6.0.1.523) off the Play store.

    PMS, Intel i7-930
    HDHomeRun CONNECT tuner

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