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Serenity for Android v2.0.0-M2

kingargylekingargyle Members Posts: 568 ✭✭

It's been a while, but v2.0.0-M2 is now available. Most changes are under the covers at this point. However a few features aren't currently working. This includes subtitles and being able to add items to the video playback queue. Playing videos will work, and external players are still supported.

Note that this version requires a device that supports Jelly Bean v17 or higher. Tablets are no longer supported or guaranteed to work as the app is focusing on Fire TV and Android TV devices. Other Android devices that use a remote or game controller may work. Google TV devices are no longer supported if they aren't running Jelly Bean or higher.

This is a milestone release so there are bound to be some bugs still.

The latest release can be download from the following link:


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