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Samsung v3.1.0 loses Navigation capabilities and highlighting of select area

I have had Plex fir a while and really enjoy it. I have also been using the Plex client on my Samsung Smart TV, but run into an issue on occasion where the app will launch but the highlighted selection box is not displayed and I need to exit the app then relaunch to get it to work.
I am not able to select a movie or show to watch, exiting provides the only resolution.



  • MorphyMorphy Posts: 192Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I have a similar problem on my Samsung Qled 8 series. All firmware is updated , running latest Plex install on the tv . Also on my Qnap nas.

    My Plex app seems to freeze , the only way I can "kill" is to go to tv menu - smart hub and reinstall the Plex app. Not uninstall - but reinstall. Then it works again.



  • Wang.Chung.PlexWang.Chung.Plex Posts: 74Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    and here I thought this was a new Samsung Plex app feature to keep me from watching to much tv

    would appear we await new Plex app release in a few months

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