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Can't sync a smart playlist

GuyGizmoGuyGizmo Posts: 94Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I have a smart music playlist I just made in my Plex library that I want to sync to my iPhone. Using the iOS app I found the playlist in my server's library, pressed the sync button. It proceeded to sync it, and it appears in my list of synced items. But when I switch the current library in my iOS app from my server to my phone's local library, the smart playlist doesn't appear anywhere in my list of playlists.

I've tried deleting the synced item and syncing it again, but no dice. I've also tried terminating the app (using the iOS app switching feature) and reloading it from scratch, but that didn't help either.

Both PMS and Plex for iOS are the latest versions. ( and 4.17 respectively.)

Can anyone help me?


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