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Plex service is not working in Sonos-app

ProumerenProumeren Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


I have a problem with my Plex service running in the Sonos app. When i open the Plex service in the Sonos app, all the albumcovers on my Plex server are not shown. When i try to play a song it says: unable to play song, cannot connect to plex. According to the Plex app in Windows, my server is accessible from the outside. (green check) herefore I forwarded port 32400 in my router. UPNP is sett of. If i turn UPNP on, i doesn't change anything in Sonos. How can i get Plex working on Sonos? I hope someone can help me with this issue.


  • jjrossjjross Posts: 391Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I'm having the same problem now. Everything was working until a few days ago so no idea what changed. It's making my wife pretty mad though.

  • MintwoodMintwood Posts: 6Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I’m very new to posting, but I too have the same issue about Sonos playback with Plex. I absolutely love Plex and have fully adopted the implementation in my home. Does anyone from Plex answer the question about Sonos & Plex? They’ve add some great new features but this topic seems dark, unanswered and not supported. How do I get a response, call them by chance? Anyone know?

  • elevendaysinmayelevendaysinmay Posts: 1Members

    I have the same problem. Plex used to work perfectly in Sonos. Now I get 'Unable to contact Plex Media Server. Please check your sever setting at https:// plex.tv and make sure that Remote Access is enabled.

    Well it is and all my other devices still connect.

    If I look in Plex at Devices the Sonos Device is sort of greyed out it doesn't have any colour.

    I have re registered the connection and still it doesn't work.

    Something has changed either at Plex or Sonos.

  • yungdugayungduga Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    I've been using the Sonos / Plex integration since it came out last July and it worked ~80% of the time. I found out that I had the "double NAT" problem - my router was issuing one IP address and my cable modem was issuing a different IP address when going out to the global network. I contacted my IP service provider and they were able to shut NAT off in the cable modem they provide. Since then, my Sonos / Plex connection works 100% of the time, well almost! Between my NAS, router, Sonos, and Plex, there is an almost weekly software upgrade that needs to be downloaded and installed to keep the Sonos / Plex integration working.

  • OversaxedOversaxed Posts: 1Members

    I have the Same problem - took me ages to get sonos to work with plex - months of fiddling reasearching reorganising my library and trial and error. Finally worked with manual settings Then about 2 weeks ago just stopped connecting.
    Like the previous comments all settings show green and connected. When I search in Sonoplex all my music appears but when I try to play it Sonos says unable to find file. Software and firmware all up to date sonos /qnap/Plex which took me a good couple of hours as well. Please guys get your act together!
    Funnily enough when Im using an old ipad 1as my controller with a third party app called sonopad ( as support for ipad 1 discontinued by sonos- bad ) It works! Note to sonos - sonopad a much better app than the native controller - it works, easier to find tracks and it is supported by its developer......

  • MintwoodMintwood Posts: 6Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I’m new to posting, but does anyone from Plex answer these posts? It doesn’t appear like they do from my limited view. Love plex to death, I’ve spent hundreds of hours working with my server for movies, pics, music, tv shows. So, Sonos and Plex connection is iciing on the cake. One place to store and many places to access.

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