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Add custom script link for multiboot

erikendswithakerikendswithak Posts: 25Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I have a multi boot raspberry pi and would like to add a custom link to reboot with retropie, raspbian, kodi, etc. I have never edited a plex skin. I have the black edition skin installed and have been editing the LeftSideMenu.xml. It currently doesn't show up, so I'm missing something. The code for these three links were copied from the previous skin that had it working.


I have added this code:

            <control type="button" id="109">
                <onright condition="!IsEmpty(ListItem.Property(PlexExtras))">SetFocus(30)</onright>
            <control type=“button” id=“800">
                <description>Launch KODI</description>
                <label>Launch KODI</label>
                <visible>System.isSystem(openelec) + !System.UserIsRestricted</visible>
            <control type=“button” id=“801">
                <description>Launch Raspbian</description>
                <label>Launch Raspbian</label>
                <visible>System.isSystem(openelec) + !System.UserIsRestricted</visible>
            <control type=“button” id=“802">
                <description>Launch RetroPie</description>
                <label>Launch RetroPie</label>
                <visible>System.isSystem(openelec) + !System.UserIsRestricted</visible>

Best Answer


  • erikendswithakerikendswithak Posts: 25Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Thank you! This worked for me! At first the menu wasn't showing up, but then I just changed the ID# and it worked.

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