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TV Show episodes mixed in with the wrong show.

Hello all. I hope that this is not repeating someone else's question -- I've been searching the forum and I havenb't found anyone else with the exact same problem that I am having. I have a folder on my hard drive with all of the Transformers cartoons, and I want to put it in Plex. I made a library entry called "Transformers", and i told Plex to scan the folder with all the Transformers cartoons. For some reason, it insists on putting distinct and disparate shows together. For instance, it thinks that Beast Wars Neo is part of the first season of Beast Machines. I renamed the episodes of Beast Wars Neo to "Beast Wars Neo s01eXX," so I think that I have it named correctly. Plex is also placing Beast Wars in with Armada, and several other shows are mixed in with the wrong titles. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this? Thanks in advance.


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