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Shaka error on Windows 7 - IPTV plugin won't play anything

stpierreke@gmail.comstpierreke@gmail.com Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I just started getting this Shaka error whenever I try to play my IPTV channels. The specific error is:
"An error occurred trying to play "NAME OF CHANNEL HERE".
shaka1001 (Network)"
This only happens when I try to watch IPTV streams. Local movies or TV shows play fine. I double checked on another platform and the streaming service is available and working.

I didn't even update Plex for fear of something like this happening (similar thing happened last year when an update killed all my playback) but it looks like it updated on its own even though I have it configured to Ask me every time.

Windows 7 Enterprise.
Plex Version

Logs are attached.


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