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kfarr2009kfarr2009 Posts: 22Members ✭✭
edited February 9 in Roku

Another user has reported this also. I am using plex on my ROKU Ultra and since i updated to the latest ROKU plex channel last night most of my 4K HDR HEVC 10 BIT MKV videos break up. I know to play in HDR the video must be copied not transcoded. The problem seems worst when videos are being copied and audio is transcoded. My reciever decodes ac3 5.1 so when i select this track on a movie the video is ok for the most part, but when is switch to DTS or True HD audio and plex has to transcode the audio (while still copying the video) the picture badly breaks up every few seconds. Someone else has reported that their video breaks up even when not transcoding audio so maybe this doesnt make a difference. I have tried replacing my HDMI to another high speed cable and it is the same. There has not been a roku firmware update so this is definitely a problem with the new Plex channel since all these movies were playing fine until updating PLEX. I am also running the latest version of plex server. Can someone on the Plex team please fix this and in the meantime put the old plex channel back on ROKU until this is fixed, as there is not way to revert to the old version of the app manually and I can't play the majority of my 4K HDR movies. Here are some screenshots of the problem (note: this happens even when playback is not throttled and also happens at both 24hz and 60hz)



  • mpg732@gmail.commpg732@gmail.com Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    I two having same issue on my TCL ROKU TV

  • toddkptoddkp Posts: 8Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Same here. I noticed this in the plex pass channel, before it made public. Using HLS, rather than the previous default MKV.

  • jordanclark1993jordanclark1993 Posts: 4Members ✭✭

    Same as well. Incredibly frustrating. Has to do with the audio needing to be transcoded. Not sure why that's messing up the video but it is. No idea when this will get fixed but I hope fast.

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