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Raspberry Pi Suddenly Stopped Working?

jiffo8187jiffo8187 Posts: 4Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Hi all I've got some issues which I cannot seem to resolve myself.

PMS running on Raspbian Stretch, Raspberry Pi 3, with a WD USB Hard Drive attached via NTFS-3G.

I tried a re-install and transferred back my databases and all looked fine after trying to resolve myself. Raspbian is functioning correctly, so is the USB WD Drive using NTFS-3G from what I can see.
Once PMS is up and running I can scan media files, view, grab meta data everything and the frontend looks fine. DVR is working correctly and records shows from my HDHomeRun also. My main problem is I keep getting failures when trying to play media on any device on my home network? After a couple of minutes the server will seem to crash? The last crash (not sure if plex thought it was a crash) is the latest entry in my log trying to play a file on my Apple TV. However plexmediaserver.service is apparently still running even though all clients including web show the server as offline? Please can somebody help me and have a look at my logs to push me in the right direction to resolve the issue as even with a full restart of the system, or a service restart I can still only play a couple of minutes of a file when previously the media worked correctly?
Thanks in advance, Jon.


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