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Subtitles stopped coming

niljonzniljonz Posts: 1Members

Hello the plex forum

i have a issue regarding subtitles. I've been using plex for some time now. with the server on my desktop PC running windows 10. never ever been a problem with it. the now recently it has stopped adding subtitles to my movies and tv-shows. i have not changed anything in my agents or anything. is there anyone out there that can help me with my problem. i would be extremely happy.

and i have tried adding a .srt file to a folder and plex does pick that up. but i dont want to do that every single time i add new stuff to my library. i want it to do that by itself.

but yeah you get the picture i hope.


  • Zer0SquaredZer0Squared Posts: 35Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    You need to add the "Sub Zero" plugin for that. (Google it)

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