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caption mode question

MrAngelusMrAngelus Posts: 98Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
in Roku

It was not to log ago Roku made a rule where you needed caption mode set to on for any subtitles to show up in the video
so I started setting my subtitles to burn in instead of automatic so i don't worry about caption mode any longer

Today I was playing a video with forced subtitles in it and the caption was set to off with Plex set to burn in
and the subtitles were showing up twice... so i checked caption mode is still set to off and burn in set to always but the subtitles were showing up twice... so as a test i turned burn in off turned automatic on but caption mode was still off... and the subtitles still showed up

it appears you still need caption mode on or burn in on if you want subtitles that arnt marked as forced

so my question is did Roku change there caption mode rule if you have a subtitle marked with the forced flag and the the forced subtitle plays no matter what the caption mode setting is... or did Plex change something?

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