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Optimal configuration Info/Subtitles/Posters

crowheadcrowhead Posts: 4Members ✭✭

Hello everyone,

I have been using Plex for a while now with very good results, I have my media server running on Ubuntu 18.04, and my players are rasplex and android with chromecast.
I have two external disks:
Samsung 500 gb 100% movies.
Toshiba 1TB 25% movies 25% series 50% empty.

I used subtitles for both Opensubtitles and Subzero, with different results, for example at the beginning I could not get the subtitles for the series, with the movies I got the subtitles in Spanish which is what I want, now the series sometimes do not have subtitles or they come in English.
The information of the films is in Spanish which is correct but the posters also and I prefer that they be kept in the original language.

**What I need is to get an optimal configuration and that is set as follows:

Films and Series subtitles in Spanish.
Films and Series All the information in Spanish.
Movies and series Poster in English or in the language of origin.
I've tried several configurations so much that now I'm not sure which one is going to work correctly and I'm afraid it will not work correctly ... it happened to the point that I could not see the subtitles. :'(

Maybe it's a silly problem but I would appreciate a help.
Thank you very much :) :)


  • crowheadcrowhead Posts: 4Members ✭✭

    Nobody ???!!!!!!!!! :s :s :s :s :s :s :s

  • trumpy81trumpy81 Posts: 10,872Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja

    If the online databases have Spanish material available then that is what you will get (assuming, you have set the appropriate language in your library settings, agents and account settings.) if not it will always default to English.

    Something is better than nothiing right?

    If you wish to have everything in Spanish, then you are probably going to have to sign up to the various databases and input your own material there. If you are not prepared to do that, then you will have to rely on others to do it for you and that may never happen.

    The databases include iMDB, TMDB, TVDB, Last FM, FanartTV, HTBackdrops, LyricFind, MoviePosterDB, OpenSubtitles.org and others.

    Some of them may be closed and not open for public manipulation.

    It should be noted also, that some of the databases may have Spanish material already, but they may not serve that material to Plex. Plex has no control over that and if you do find that is the case, you need to enquire with the relevant DB as to why it is not being served to Plex.

    Andy M.

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