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Plexamp on Windows 10 SUPER buggy....

thelanrangerthelanranger Posts: 57Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

So, I just installed this to try out and it's pretty cool but is this like beta? When I search for a song it plays the wrong song. It also doesn't respond to keystrokes most of the time and has nothing for plex mix or changing playlists!

Also, also, when I search, I can't click anything that's in the top part of the screen (like where the artwork or the visualizer would cover) only on the part of the list where it's underneath.

Then, when you picked a song and it has its little playlist, if you go to pick the next song, none of the on screen controls work for next or back and if you pick a song it just takes you to an album list, not to the song....

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