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Buffering issues on Wifi

I’m having issues streaming videos remotely on Plex in HD quality. The video will buffer briefly and then freeze.

I’m having no problems when streaming on Wifi locally.

Any insight into how to fix this?


  • 5stringdeath5stringdeath Ninja Posts: 1,402 Plex Ninja
    edited November 2011
    That is really dependent on your upstream speed on your home internet, where the PMS lives. Can you post what kind of speed you're paying for?

    For instance, my internet is 1.5Mbps up, which is not going to Direct Play HD material.

    If your upstream is slow, you'll need to decrease the Quality setting in Prefs/System/myPlex on the remote Plex client.

    ps - I am assuming you're talking about the Desktop client, not an iPhone or Android client.
  • JEStarr82JEStarr82 Posts: 20 Plex Pass
    I was referring to playing video on my iPad.
  • 5stringdeath5stringdeath Ninja Posts: 1,402 Plex Ninja
    Well the same issue applies to iPad, if you are requesting a quality that your upstream can't handle, it will buffer.
  • JEStarr82JEStarr82 Posts: 20 Plex Pass
    Thanks for the quick reply. How do I test my upstream speed?
  • 5stringdeath5stringdeath Ninja Posts: 1,402 Plex Ninja

    It will even give you the code to post here afterwards :-)
  • oSPANNERooSPANNERo Posts: 78 Plex Pass
    I am experiencing the same thing... Mac client fully updated on MacbookPro w/ 8GB of ram and 802.11n network

    here is my speed test info:

  • scurriescurrie Posts: 109 Plex Pass
    Hi I have 3 mb/s upload and even with the lowest quality setting on the iPad I still have buffering issues that make it unwatchable. There is another post here that talks about wanting a YouTube style of experience with the media not playing until sufficient buffer has built up, it's always better to wait at the start than have the video freeze every 10 seconds. Still myplex is a brilliant idea that I'm sure will improve over time.
  • pooploserpooploser Plex Ninja Posts: 958 Plex Ninja
    there is a known issue in the 0.9.5 versions of Plex which causes remote streams to buffer even though the bandwidth settings should support it. the next update should fix this.
    Scurrie: are you 100% sure no other heavy apps or downloading/uploading programs are active? transcoding needs lots of CPU power and other heavy background apps can disturb the process, as well as torrenting, usenet, or other internet services… ;) just checking! also, the wifi network that you use with your ipad, did you test the speed on there? :) no use to have 3mbps upload if the download in the ipad's wifi is awfully slow.
  • scurriescurrie Posts: 109 Plex Pass
    edited November 2011
    Hi Pooploser....interesting username by the way...Mudvayne? Hey just to clarify that we are not really talking about WiFi, this is a bit misleading as myplex works across the internet - Any WiFi network is more than capable of handling the max internet bandwidth. The real issue is that when internet conditions don't allow a good connection then the constant buffering makes content on the lowest setting unwatchable. Myplex should work similarly to Youtube, in that it scales for the connection speed, ie if you pause playback it builds up a buffer that then allows it to play non-stop. Just as an aside the computer I have running the server is very powerful and the internet connections at both ends are fast (3mb/s up 30mb/s down). I am trying to serve some one from Dubai to NZ, so I suspect the pipes through to NZ are a little slow..... Anyhoo as I have said, Myplex should be usable on even slow connections, just with more waiting before consuming the content. Hope I am on the right track here, let me know your thoughts....

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