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When does the newly announced grid guide come to device we actually use?

SmokindogSmokindog Members, Plex Pass Posts: 163 Plex Pass

I received the email concerning the grid guide and it does now show in the web browser. However I don't use the web browser to watch live TV and I'll bet most others don't as well.

When will we see the grid guide on our client devices like ROKU and Apple TV?


  • MSplexBoxMSplexBox Validating, Plex Pass Posts: 1 Plex Pass

    Obviously I would also love to see when this is expected to arrive. I was very excited to see this feature. Will our videos on our servers be intermixed with the OTA material? I would love to see "Fake" movie channels with our content that we can surf for as we would normally in a cable box.

  • johnm_ColaSCjohnm_ColaSC Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja, TunerTester Posts: 2,521 Plex Ninja

    @Smokindog when the developers for the different client devices are able to add the grid view to their platform it will be released. Sorry but really have no other information to provide. I have not seen it on any of the client devices I use at this time either.

    @MSplexBox not sure exactly what you are asking here so guessing you have not seen the interface yet.

    Home screen when you access Plex. Can access the grid view for Live TV under the Live TV & DVR, or watch already recorded content using the Recently Added sections, or by navigating into a library of all recorded content separated by content type (TV, Movies, Music, etc.)

    Screenshot of grid view for Live TV

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    Intel Core i5-3570K, 32GB RAM
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    Test Servers: MacBook Pro, Nvidia Shield TV (16GB), Windows Laptop, Ubuntu VM
    HDHR Connect (2), HDHR Dual, HDHR Extend, HDHR Prime
    Clients - Windows, iOS, Roku, Samsung TV, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield

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