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I need help with some subtitles that are HUGE, when set to normal

MapskingMapsking Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Hello, I've seen a few posts about this when I searched, but either I missed the solution, or there were none listed. Most of my movies work fine, and I have subtitles in all of them I've ripped from DVDs. I like to use subtitles as my hearing is not the best, and also at night, when I have the TV quieter, so as to not disturb the kids too much. Movies are in English, subtitles are in English, most work just fine, however, recently I've noticed on some of them, the subtitles are HUGE, taking up more than the whole screen for a sentence or two. These are set to normal, just like all my other movies, and I am not sure why this only happens with some. I have provided some examples, showing the giant subtitles on a 1080p video, then normal size selection subtitle tracks for both external and embedded into the .mp4 files at 1080p, and also the normal subtitles showing up at a regular 480p DVD. It is not only on Plex media server, it happens across the board, on Windows web browser, on ios, on Android, on Chromecast devices, etc. It is really annoying, does anyone have a solution I can do to fix this, or maybe tell me why it might be happening? I have not changed anything with the ripping/encoding process I use, that I am aware of, and it does not do it with every movie I have.

Thanks so much!

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