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Jailbreaking and Installing Plex on your ATV2



  • pukospukos Posts: 1Members

    @wahlman.j said:
    I will leave this here for reference on how to install PlexConnect on iOS 5.3 aTV jailbroken:

    Finally PlexConnect on a 5.3 ATV2... Thank's a lot!!

    I host my PMS on a small Qnap NAS that obviously does not support transcode so I use to access to my library with Plexbmc plugin in Kodi (almost) without problem.
    With PlexConnect I cannot play anythings even with DirectPlay. No error but infinite loading.

    Any clue?

  • c.nelson@sasktel.netc.nelson@sasktel.net Posts: 25Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Does anyone have the URLs for the Plex repository. Ones I've found and installed don't have Plexmbc add in them.

    Model: QNAP TVS-671 I5 8GB
    Drives: 6 - WD Red Pro 4001FFSX 4 TB 3.5" (RAID 5 - 17.49 TB)
    FW: QTS 4.3.3

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