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Compatibility chart for Samsung devices

hd1080hd1080 Plex for Samsung ModeratorPosts: 1,110Members ✭✭
Some users wrote me that it would be a good idea to make an overview about the different models and what is working and what not. So I created this document. Everybody can edit it. So please feel free to fill it.

I don't know if we wan't to add a column for every filetype (.wmv, mp4, ..) or if those three columns are enough.

Let's discuss it here: http://plexforsamsung.pbworks.com/w/page/49859278/Compatibility Chart for Samsung devices

Overview for US-Models: http://www.samsung.com/us/appstore/app/G00002687241-compatible
Samsung Environment: UE65KS9090, UE55D7090, BD-C5900, BD-D5300


  • AndrewAndrew Posts: 5Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited January 2012
    My friend just introduced me to Plex and know I am hooked. Just wondering if it will work on my Samsung UE55C6005 and UE37C5105 TVs?

    Sorry, I just saw the FAQ...please ignore this.
  • bellboybellboy Posts: 188Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    hd1080 wrote:

    Some users wrote me that it would be a good idea to make an overview about the different models and what is working and what not. So I created this document. Everybody can edit it. So please feel free to fill it.

    I don't know if we wan't to add a row for every filetype (.wmv, mp4, ..) or if those three rows are enough.

    Let's discuss it here.


    Added my C Series 55" model with notes about what's working.

    Pretty smooth for me to date, but I'm holding off of going to after reading of some people having issues.
  • Boron78Boron78 Posts: 73Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Just added my Samsung UE55D6200 and the Audio isue.
  • robertaromarobertaroma Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Added my D Series 46" model with notes about what's working. ^^
  • tomtomclubtomtomclub Posts: 10Members
    work fine D8000 "55" + win7 64
  • nostalgico74nostalgico74 Posts: 4Members
    work fine D6100 "40" + win7 64
  • gdigiacomogdigiacomo Posts: 8Members
    why is the file empty?
  • hd1080hd1080 Plex for Samsung Moderator Posts: 1,110Members ✭✭
    gdigiacomo wrote:

    why is the file empty?

    it's not
    Samsung Environment: UE65KS9090, UE55D7090, BD-C5900, BD-D5300
  • ScouzerScouzer Posts: 201Members ✭✭
    bd-d8200n works fine with and pms on a readynas (linux)
  • ovbgovbg Posts: 68Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Ah, guttered. I just bought a Samsung TV after seeing Plex working on one on a YouTube video and being recommended. It is needed as the twonky controller is shocking on the Samsung. Can't delete and can't even pause. But I just tried to install as per your instructions and it failed to install. (Done everything until the end when it just failed).

    It was then that I noticed it is not yet supported for the latest ES models. I have the Samsung UE40ES6890. I know it's my fault, I should have checked that first. And I think you're a legend for everything here. But any chance this will be supported on the new Samsung ES models? And do you know anything I can use in the meantime? I think my wife is going to have a heart attack when she realizes we can not even pause TV any more ;O)
  • reg828reg828 Posts: 35Members ✭✭
    UN40D6050 = Compatible, Mpeg works, .trp, .ts works as well
  • nirv4nistnirv4nist Posts: 2Members
    Does anyone know if PLEX works for Samsung UA40D5900VR model? its a 40" D5000 series. thanks.
  • koek21koek21 Posts: 3Members
    Works fine with Samsung LE46C750 with pms with subtitles.
  • hd1080hd1080 Plex for Samsung Moderator Posts: 1,110Members ✭✭
    edited May 2012
    Because some people are not able to add their entry and NOT to edit the other entries I change how you can add your device information.
    You will see now a formal where you add your stuff.
    So there is one link for adding your information and a 2nd one for the overview.
    Check the link in my first post.
    Samsung Environment: UE65KS9090, UE55D7090, BD-C5900, BD-D5300
  • globoglobo Posts: 1Members
    I have a LE32D550K1W

    The AllShare part works, but I can't get the nice UI to work. Even though it is a D series Model I don't have SmartHub or internet@TV on my Samsung.
  • DanicoDanico Posts: 11Members
    On my PS64D8000 not working correctly.

    A Lot of features in setting is missing - only setting for buffering, nothing for subtitles,
    subtitles not working.

    I compared today installed version to described here:

    Some help ?
  • ScouzerScouzer Posts: 201Members ✭✭
    isn't there a compatibility chart for Danish models somewhere?
  • mnezmnez Posts: 1Members
    Not sure about compatibility.
    Samsung's website says that apparently all D6xxx models are compatible.
    Wiki page says that only D60xx models are compatible.

    As D6000 are out of production and impossible to find in stores, I can only find D6100 and higher.
    Will they work with plex app?
  • EzkimofoEzkimofo Posts: 1Members
    Looking forward to get Plex client support for my ES8005 LED 2012 model. Impressive that is at least has .mkv and external .srt support when using the Samsung allshare function. My blueray 1080p rips looks beautiful on this TV.
  • GuardianGuardian Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass
    edited August 2012
    Hi All,
    First I want to just say THANK YOU, to everyone putting time/effort into the Plex Cause. Have loved it for a long time. I just bought the Samsung BD-D6100C (A lot of people probably have from the recent online deal for them) because it supports Netflix AND Plex! I was so stoked! It is a refurbished model, so I have been testing as much as I can with it, to make sure it is not faulty. Everything seems to be working fine, but I wanted to bring up a few things I couldn't find when searching on your site.

    1. Compatibility Chart - Your chart does not list a BD-D6100C model, or any BD-D6X models it seems. Can you please add this model #? I will provide the details I can here for you to populate it with what is working/not working
    a. Model – BD-D6100C (D-Series 2011 Model)
    b. Plex App Version –
    c. Media Server Version – 9.6.8-e6ae65a
    d. Media Server OS – Win 7 x64 Ultimate
    e. Playback of SD – Why? Lol, jk Not Tested
    f. Playback of 720p – OK
    g. Playback of 1080p – OK
    h. Do you have audio sync problems – Only once so far, just needed to stop/start and it was fine again
    i. Notes – Pause is a huge problem atm. Can’t pause for more than 30 seconds or the whole system is unresponsive until reboot of BluRay player. Small feature request would be when showing all movies (I have 332 Movies), I can only see them in a single line across the bottom. It takes forever to get through all the movies, a page view would be really cool if you could implement. 
    j. Link to thread: (this one)

    2. Overview for US-Models: Compatibility Chart - Samsung's own website doesn't seem to say they support BD-D6100 Either, but when I was purchasing, it listed both Plex and Netflix.. Crazy.. If you know how to contact them, could you ask them to add this model to their supported list as well? They have the BD-D5700 then the next up is BD-D6500.

    3. Plex issue - Pause. I haven't seen much on this on the site, so thought I would toss it out there. Movies are playing great. Then I press pause. If I leave it paused for more than about 30 seconds, the whole machine stops responding. I can't unpause, press play, stop, etc. None of the controls on the remote or the player will respond, with the exception of power. Even on the remote if I press power, it will shut down. Not the fastest machine starting back up, so it's a real pain in the A$$ if I need to pause the movie to do something and come back, I have to reset everything. The movie does start right back where it locked up, so that is a great feature!

    I am not complaining one bit, I am hoping you guys are continuing to update Plex for Samsung, and this may already be on your radar. If you could add it to your list for tracking would be awesome. Please PM me if you would like to talk live, I can call any of the mods if needed.

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