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Plex Android - No Remote Play

Hi troops
Im a newly coverted Plex user coming over from Media Browser. Now the plex app is great but the only thing im having issues with is i cant select a tv show or film on plex android for it to play on my media centre. The remote control works but not the remote play

I have even forced it in setting to play on media centre. I removed the app from my phone and re-installed it.

Any ideas what elsw i can try to fix this.



  • nick.wnick.w Posts: 50
    On a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Ice.cream sandwich

  • nick.wnick.w Posts: 50
    Any ideas?
  • darrindarrin Plex Dev Team Posts: 2,044
    Do you have a player running that you want to push the media to? If so what is it?
  • blindguyblindguy Posts: 29 Plex Pass
    I think this broke with the last android update. When I browse my tv shows or movies and I select one I get the option to "Open on android' or 'Open on CLIENTNAME' and if I clieck on the Open on CLIENTNAME then nothing happens. It used to open the video file on the CLIENTNAME
  • darrindarrin Plex Dev Team Posts: 2,044
    It was broken a couple updates ago - but should have been fixed in
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