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How to open log file

RobertSmithRobertSmith Posts: 420 Plex Pass
Hi I'm total n00b on NAS and linux. PMS works great on my DS1512+

I want to make some test with Handbrake and need to se if PMS is using Direct Play, Direct Streaming or Transcoding. For some files the CPU usage is more or less zero so I guess in that case PMS is Direct Play.

But to be sure do I have to open log file?
If Yes, the log files is hidden on my NAS. How can I show hidden files? Is there a package (I have search) or must I use terminal and linux?


  • mqchenmqchen Posts: 12 Plex Pass
    The log files are most likely in: /var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Logs (However, that depends on where you installed Plex).

    tail -f "Plex Media Scanner.log"
    is nice. If you want to highlight all error messages you can use:
    tail -f Plex\ Media\ Scanner.log | perl -pe 's/ERROR/\e[1;31;43m$&\e[0m/g'
  • bunheadbunhead Posts: 47
    In linux "hidden files" are just normal files that have a period at the start of them (eg .ssh is a hidden file). In order to see the hidden files using 'ls' you need to include the 'a' switch. I normally use the following

    ls -alh

    That command breaks down like this.
    1. ls = list
    2. a = all, including hidden files
    3. l = long listing so you get file permissions and file sizes
    4. h = human readable. I don't normally use this but what is does is convert the file size from bytes to either bytes, kilobytes, megabytes or gigabytes, which ever makes the most sense.
    5. sometimes I also include a r in order to make the ls recursive and show me what is in the various subdirectories, but if you do that you will most likely need to pipe the results through less or more (ls -alhr |less or ls -alhr|more) because the results will probably scroll your screen/terminal. The pipe '|' symbol is the two vertical lines that you get when you press shift \ on most US keyboards.

    Oh an BTW all that info is contained in the man pages
    man ls

  • RobertSmithRobertSmith Posts: 420 Plex Pass
    edited March 2012
    bunhead wrote:
    Oh an BTW all that info is contained in the man pages
    man ls

    So I have to learn some Linux to be able to read log files :(
    I tried to find information on main page (wiki) but i couldn't pls post a link

    Should I enable Terminal Service on NAS and when use terminal on my Mac?
    Before you enable the CLI you should be aware this is defined by Synology as "Modifying" your product in software terms
    and therefore you may forfeit your right to software support as detailed in General Disclaimer on Modifying the Synology Server.

    As I said I'm a total noob on linux and NAS.

    Is there a simple guide to for all steps needed to Monitoring a Transcode Session
  • RobertSmithRobertSmith Posts: 420 Plex Pass
    * Bump *

    Can someone pls help me with necessary steps to read the log file. I guess i can do everything from my remote Mac with right tools, what tools do you recommends?

    Information in PlexNine Advanced is to advanced when u don't know how to read files from NAS with Terminal.

    I'm eager to learn some linux but before i go in to details i need too know the "elementary steps" for reading log files on DS1512+
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