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No audio on some content after Roku 4.3 update

NaviNavi Posts: 2 Plex Pass
While I'm loving the new 2.0 app on my Roku, I've been having issues with some of my content not playing audio since the Roku 4.3 update. I'm working on trying to narrow it down to what the common thread is on the files that I have no sound on. Is there anything in the server logs that I could look at or provide here to assist in figuring out what is going on?

So far, I know that my 1st Gen Roku running firmware v3.1, my Apple TV2, and the Plex Media Center on a PC can play a video with sound that my 2nd Gen Roku running firmware 4.3 cannot.

Any ideas on what is going on?


  • scyberscyber Posts: 303 Plex Pass
    Is the content 5.1? Is 5.1 audio enabled on the R2? Do you have it hooked up to a compatible 5.1 sound system? 5.1 isn't specific to 4.3 or the 2.0 beta, but if audio works on the r1, but not the r2, 5.1 is my first guess.
  • NaviNavi Posts: 2 Plex Pass
    I have both 2.0 and 5.1 content that don't have any sound when played thru my Roku 2 XS. Prior to 4.3, I've been able to watch both 5.1 and 2.0 content for months without any issues and as of this weekend, things stopped working. I have my Roku hooked up to my TV directly and have it set to stereo in the Roku settings.

    After reading your post, I decided to hook the Roku up to my main setup in the living room and run it thru my stereo and was able to play all of my content with sound. So now I'm wondering what changed since the update to make some of my files to no longer play when hooked directly to my second TV. In the meantime, I'll be swapping my AppleTV and Roku units until I can find a solution.
  • New to PLEX. Existing Roku user. Setup PLEX server today have audio when streaming to my laptop.

    When I install PLEX channel on Roku I can stream video but there is no audio. Additionally, once I install the PLEX app I don't have audio on any Roku channels, Netflix, Pandora, etc... no audio. To get audio back I have to remove PLEX channel and reboot the Roku.

  • djeglindjeglin Posts: 17 Plex Pass
    I second the comment above about losing audio across the whole Roku when trying to play some video from Plex. It seems to be anything that has to be transcoded that causes the problem (including youtube videos)
  • Koshu73Koshu73 Posts: 2
    i have roku 2 and windows 7. set up media server today and all works well except no audio when streaming via the roku. would be coolest thing ever it we could get some audio happening here. please help!
  • Chip "Mini" MoonChip "Mini" Moon Posts: 384 Plex Ninja
    What version of PMS are you running?
  • jmjfjmjf Posts: 63 ✭✭
    The issue might be related to what I described in this thread:


    Possible workaround is described in the last post there.
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