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Airplay on Windows?

Any way to add Airplay capabilities to the Windows version of PMC?


  • tokyoshoetokyoshoe Posts: 25Members
    I found the "Shairport4w" project but that seems only limited to audio. Then there is PascalW's Airplayer, but he stopped development of that early last year, so there have not been any updates since iOS 5.0 for iPhones much less the recent versions of Plex. It works with pictures, but anything else (video, games, etc) just sends it into a crazed death-spiral.

    Really was hoping there'd be another project out there that would give us Airplay capabilities, since the XBMC team seems to have figured it out well enough to integrate it into their software.
  • MGMMGM Posts: 9Members
    Is it meanwhile possible to get airplay working on win7?
    VIDEO streaming, would be required.
    My av-receiver is capable of audio airplay.

    A integration in plex would be great, but windows only is also fine.

    I have AirMediaPlayer 1.0.7 running, but sadly it only works for pictures...


    Thanks a lot!
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