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How do I join 2 movie files together as 1 "Movie" entry?

specul8specul8 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 45 Plex Pass
Hi all.

Just wondering how I would go about having 2 files (say "Movie Name-A" and "Movie Name-B") which are the same movie, split into 2 files appear as one object in the Plex client?

I've tried "Fix Incorrect Match" in the PMS Manager, but I cannot seem to get it to "ignore" the second part of the movie and just have them treated as one. Do I need to create a playlist of some kind?

Also I've deleted another movie from the place where the file is physically stored, but the thumbnail still appears in the Media Player. How do I force deletion of the thumbnail? what about deleting something from the library where the file still exists?



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