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best and fast way to copy DVDs ?

for plex usage of course :)
What is the best and specially FASTEST way to copy DVDs ?

I have a friend that has a humongous DVD collection, want to go there and copy few dozens.

Whats the fastest way ? Handbrake + encoding takes too long ( prefer to do that at home ) so whats teh fastest way to do it ?

Make a ISO from the DVD onto my laptop disk ? Would it work with copyrigted dvds ?

I dont mind doing this and then getting home and creating a MKV from the ISOs ( double work I know ) which PLEX reads perfectly.. even ISOs PLEX read perfectly.. just want a fast way to copy things at his house.

Ideas ?

macintosh based ofc


  • pkdoylepkdoyle Posts: 10Members
    I use MacTheRipper. It's old but free, quick and almost always works.
  • JoshJosh Posts: 21Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    I've had really good results with Ripit since installing it a few days ago. It rips and decrypts the whole DVD into a VIDEO_TS folder (or as a .dvdmedia package) and on my 2.16 GHz C2D MacBook takes about 20-30 minutes for a dual-layer DVD. I've been using it to rip a bunch of DVD's at once and then queue them up for processing with Handbrake.

    (You can also play the dvdmedia and video_ts folders directly in Plex, but they take up a lot of space.)

    Ripit also impresses me because it optionally reports successful and failed rips to the developers so they can update the program to work with the discs. If you look at their forums, they actually go out and buy DVD's that don't work and then update the program to work with them.

    You can also set it up to automatically start ripping when a disc is inserted and then eject when it's done.
  • BoloBolo Posts: 20Members
    Fairmount & DVD2One is a great way to back up your dvds. Faimount has been more reliable than Mac the ripper for me. DVD2One makes it very easy to remove all the extras, menus, subtitles and extras I at least never watch. I like when I select a movie for the film to just begin. Also, you can have DVD2one compress the movie for you. I prefer to back up at the quality on the DVD. I figure the production companies have compressed it far enough already.

    The above solution is not free, but really easy to do and reliable. At least for me.
  • parallax1parallax1 Posts: 53Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    I have to add another vote for RipIt. I love the simplicity of the program - only two buttons, rip and eject.

    Pop the DVD in, and hit the rip button, then it makes a perfect backup
  • jayman978jayman978 Posts: 4,467Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Mac the Ripper here! The older versions are garbage. You need 3.0 - r14
  • garyigaryi Posts: 608Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Rip it here, its just too easy. Only downside being no compression so it eats drive space. But hey thats what drobo is for.
  • aaronjbaaronjb Posts: 780Members
    jayman978 wrote on Mar 21 2009, 05:22 AM:
    Mac the Ripper here! The older versions are garbage. You need 3.0 - r14

    Ditto - although I did try out RipIt, the lack of control bugs me :) So back to MTR3.0 for me.
  • roxxroxx Posts: 16Members
    can mac the ripper make iso / files ? from dvd
  • jelockwoodjelockwood Posts: 447Members ✭✭
    roxx wrote on Mar 22 2009, 01:09 PM:
    can mac the ripper make iso / files ? from dvd

    No, but there are other utilities to make an ISO from a VIDEO_TS folder. Personally I don't use ISOs and keep them as VIDEO_TS which will then work in Front Row and DVD Player as well.
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