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Plex Web App

drzoidberg33drzoidberg33 Posts: 2,563Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Employee
I couldn't find a dedicated section for the newly released web app functionality, so I'm guessing it's fine if I just post here.

First off I really love the new web app, it's looks and feels super smooth like we come to expect from Plex :)

I am using the latest PMS release on Fedora 17.

I am just having two issues at the moment:

1. Running the web app through Google Chrome in Linux is touch and go, it often just stops loading images (cover art, etc) and the first time I ran it the video playback didn't work at all. Using Firefox I don't have these issues.

2. Music streaming (remote location, haven't tried local network) doesn't seem to work. Don't know if its my setup, maybe somebody else can comment on this.

Looking forward to see what else is coming!


  • RicordoRicordo Posts: 1Members

    cant seem to get it to sync or stream anything

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