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Windows Media Player as client

rjschuttenrjschutten Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass
edited September 2012 in DLNA
I am trying to use the default windows 7 media player as a DLNA client.

The Plex server is running on my Mac Mini & serving all the photos from my central photo library.

My hope is that I can use windows media player to easily pull some photos from the photo library onto my windows laptop. I don't really care about serving video and/or music over DLNA right now. Just photos.

I installed the latest Plex media server on the Mac Mini.
The windows media player on the laptop can see the server fine.
It is just that there is no content...
Do I need to create a profile for windows media player on the Mac Mini?
Note that I only care about photos.

Also the Plex media server is serving all content (video/music/photos) just find to Plex clients over the network.
I don't have any other DLNA clients to try...


  • mfeingolmfeingol Posts: 5,091Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja
    Windows Media Player issues some fairly obtuse queries, which we haven't spent time supporting.

    On the bright side, Windows 8's Explorer now supports DLNA, and it works fine. :)
  • rjschuttenrjschutten Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass
    I have given up on this:
    - As you said windows media player on windows 7 does not work properly.
    - Even if it would work, I cannot do what I want. It cannot copy photos from the DLNA server. It can only view photos...

    I don't have windows 8 setup yet (of it is also not released yet).

    Thanks for the help. Plex all by itself is great!
  • RomikBRomikB Posts: 2Members

    What is the current progress on this? Windows client still unsupported?

    I have Windows 8.1, it uses Windows Media Player for access to plex library. WMP hangs with message "Contacting the remote media library" when trying to access plex library. At that time plex generate 1 Megabyte per 5 second in "Plex DLNA Server.log" file.

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