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[REQ] Make the "pause" display smaller

alias_rexalias_rex Posts: 531Members ✭✭
It takes up too much of the screen when playback is paused
I love the Mediastream skin, but it has one flaw that drives me crazy every time I pause playback of a video. The pause panel that slides up covers at least 25% of the screen, blocking out a significant portion of a video.

Often, I pause a video to get a better look at a particular scene (e.g., how it was framed, etc) or detail. Many times, these details are in the lower half of the screen and are obscured by Mediastream's pause panel.

It would be great if the pause panel could be made much smaller, either by lowering it 50% or shrinking it until it fits neatly in a corner.
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  • Mathieu NoublancheMathieu Noublanche Posts: 23Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Hi elstreif,

    I agree with you I have the same problem with subtitles. When I pause playback of a video, the pause panel hides all the subtitles and so I can't read it !

    I think that a resize of the video when the pause panel slides up could be a solution.



  • bugmancxbugmancx Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    Oh, please, yes.  It's incredibly frustrating when you pause because you want to look at something in detail at the bottom of the picture but it's obscured by the banner.  Please change the banner's behaviour to pop up for a few seconds only and then drop away leaving the full picture on screen.

  • BavagoBavago Posts: 105Members ✭✭

    Yes please. I too will pause to get a better look at something only to have it covered up. Some have suggested a smaller pop-up or resizing the video, but maybe simpler is better here. Why Is it necessary for anything to pop up at all? Why can't the video just pause, displaying nothing? Just a thought.

  • madexmadex Posts: 36Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


  • SparkerBSparkerB Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass
    Indeed. A fade away after a few seconds would be fantastic
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