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Trakt And Plex

Hi Guys,

I'm probably being dumb and missing something really silly but I just can't seem to get Trakt to see my Plex server.

I have the trakt client thing on the same box as Plex server (Version OSX) and that's also the primary client and I've pointed the Trackt client at port 3000 as instructed. I also tried some of the tricks I could find online and still it just won't seem to talk to Trakt for some reason.

I'm I missing something?



  • dsextondsexton Posts: 2 Plex Pass
    I had the same issue, then I changed the address from localhost:3000 to and it worked. Hope that fixes your issue as well.

    Logs are at ~/Library/Logs/trakt.log fyi
  • kwattkwatt Posts: 33 Plex Pass
    Yeah, I have tried those and, interestingly there appears to be no log created which seemed very odd. I can't understand why that is the case.

  • kwattkwatt Posts: 33 Plex Pass
    Sussed it, with a little help.

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