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My Plex (working) - Uverse - Double Nat

kingofgonzo231kingofgonzo231 Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
My current setup:
Uverse - TV and Internet
WHS - stored content - plex media server
Mac Mini - to TV
Double NAT - uverse router plus Asus n66u router

Since I have a double, NAT I needed to put uverse router into to "router to router" and enable "dmz plus" to get my plex to work. Which I got working.

My issue is, by setting up the uverse route into "router to router" I now LOST Uverse TV because the uverse receiver needs to see the ip's, a mac address off, or something else from the uverse router. Not sure which but I've tried many different ways to get this to work.

If you have solved this issue, please let me know, how you got your Uverse TV to work, while the uverse router is set into "router to router" and "dmz mode".

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  • wineauxwineaux Posts: 252Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    You're going to have to set the uVerse 2-Wire gateway into DMZ+ mode, and put your own router behind that. This will give you your television back, unless you messed with something on the 2-Wire you weren't supposed to and cocked up your IPTV that way. My suggestion, and I hate sending you into that special piece of Hell on earth that is the uVerse phone tree system, but you probably need to talk to tech support and find out what the correct settings on your 2-Wire are to enable IPTV again.

    One thought I just had, is that the 2-Wire is expecting to send your IPTV signals to specific IP addresses of the the Cisco IPTV boxes at your TV's, and since your own router is handling things, those Cisco boxes are now on another network with different network addresses.
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