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Mac Mini Can no longer See Win 7 PMS after SP1 Upgrde

quickiequickie Posts: 3Members
edited December 2012 in Windows
Hey All,

I've been having a hell of a time with this. I tried searching, but I cannot find any topic that seems to fit my description.

I have been using my Mac Mini (Snow Leopard) as a receiver for my Win 7 x64 box. I recenyl upgraded it to SP1. As soon as I did this PMS on the Mac Mini can no longer see the Windows box. I read some issue where it was visible for a little while. This is not the case.

I have disabled my windows firewall, and restarted bot boxes. Still no luck.

The Mac can still connect to the shared folders via SMB and run them over the network via VLC and front row (which is why I haven upgraded to Lion) so it must be something to do with upgrading to SP1.

Can anyone help me out? I'm outta ideas.

EDIT: Should also be worth noting, if I set up the mini as a server, I can stream locally, though this isnt ideal.


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