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Why do TV shows not appear in All but can be found via search?

strandloperstrandloper Members Posts: 2
edited December 2012 in Windows
I just discovered and started using Plex and am feeling my way.

One thing I've noticed is that one of my TV shows (there may be more that I haven't noticed yet) does not appear under the All view in TV Shows. But if I search for it, it's there. As far as I can tell the naming is just like that for other TV show folders. Why might this show not be appearing? I intend making the library available for my wife to access from her iPad and need everything to be visible or she will never find it.

This is what the files and folders containing the show look like.

  An Idiot Abroad
    Season 3
      An Idiot Abroad - s03e01 - Venice.mp4
      An Idiot Abroad - s03e02 - India.mp4

UPDATE: Seems the idiot in this case is me. I just noticed it is there but alphabetically under I for Idiot, not A for An. Obviously titles starting with An are treated in the same way as those starting with The.
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