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Live streaming from TV Tuner on PC to Roku?

batman66batman66 Posts: 1Members
Hello, fairly new Plex user, first forum posting, please be patient :D I have been using Plex very succesfully to access via Roku my Windows Media Center OTA HDTV recordings stored on my main PC. The PC is equipped with a Hauppauge TV Tuner card. The Roku app is set to stream at 4Mbps/720p and the streaming over my 52Mbps home WiFi network is flawless, I am very impressed.

Now, I have been searching this forum and the internet, but I have not been able to find an answer to this question: is it possible to stream LIVE TV (not previously recorded) from my PC to the Roku using Plex? I have experimented with my current set-up, but the best I have been able to get is for the Plex app on Roku to play a program while it is being recorded. However, the Roku app "fixes" the length of the program being played to whatever time mark the recording was at when I start playing it. Once it reaches that point, it stops. It means that the Plex app can play a Windows Media Center file while it is being recorded, but it is unable to play it continuously as the program is being recorded. If I hit play again it restarts from the beginning, but it shows an updated length and it allows me to watch those few more seconds or minutes that were recorded since it had stopped the first time.

I understand this is not what Plex was designed for, so it does not surprise me it does not work. I wonder, however, if there is a setting in the Plex server for Windows or a plug-in that would allow it to "read" the output of the Hauppauge TV tuner (directly or through Windows Media Center), transcoding it in real time (thus not from a recorded file) and stream it to the Roku.

I know of at least another hardware-based solution that allows to do that, Simple.TV, which is essentially a OTA HDTV tuner that can be networked and able to stream live OTA HDTV in realtime to a computer or a Roku. Since I have the TV Tuner in my PC and processing power to spare (Quad Core i7 at 2.8MHz and 8Gb of RAM) I am hoping that somebody smarter than me may have devised a way to do all of the work via software using the Plex server.

Does anybody aware if such solution is available?

Thanks in advance!


  • dwgrilleydwgrilley Posts: 8Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    I would also be very interested to see if anyone has come up with a way to do this. I'd really like to be able to be able to have my PC in my office while watching live TV streaming through the roku/ps3 and be able to pause or go back. I've also heard about simple tv, but the reviews I've seen have been less than favorable to the point of saying watching live tv through the roku is completely useless.
  • nachetexnachetex Posts: 4Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Same thing i´m looking for. I´m doing right now with progdvb server, but just discovered plex for my movies and is a great program.
    Is there any plugin to add a live tv channel from the tv tunner and stream it through plex??

  • MichielMichiel Plex Ninja Posts: 871Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja
    Not atm as far as i know, we are using DVBLink next to plex to accomplish this for now.
  • HomieJayHomieJay Posts: 1Members

    Any updates on this or work around?

    I was thinking about just splitting my ota in my basement and running it to 3-4 different tvs as well as my tuner in my pc and just stream the recorded shows and still be able to watch ota on the coax input. 

    I will let you know how it works out. 

  • machz06machz06 Posts: 21Members ✭✭

    Anything?  This would have really helped me out this weekend for the Seahawks game and a friend that doesn't have cable but has a Roku.

  • OrangeGreenOrangeGreen Posts: 3Members
    Any update on this?

    What I'd like to achieve is to have my OTA channels stream through a HTPC to any device on my network. The HTPC would also be a DVR.

    Has anyone done this?
  • machz06machz06 Posts: 21Members ✭✭
    edited September 2013

    This is close to what I did this last weekend for the football game. I remotely streamed to my friend's Roku with Plex using SageTV to record the program. The only problem is that the stream duration is limited to whatever has been buffered when you hit the play button on Plex. If Plex treated the recording file like Windows Media Center or SageTV, i.e. constantly updated the duration, we wouldn't have had to gone through the trouble of buffering about 30 minutes of the broadcast and then restarting a new stream every 30 minutes. We basically watched the game on a 30 minute delay.

    OrangeGreen wrote on September 14 2013, 4:11 PM: »

    Any update on this?

    What I'd like to achieve is to have my OTA channels stream through a HTPC to any device on my network. The HTPC would also be a DVR.

    Has anyone done this?

  • Socrates4242Socrates4242 Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass

    This is exactly the feature I'm looking for, any luck on a workaround or a new feature to so this?

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