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Multiple Forum Accounts since PlexPass

xioccxiocc Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1
It seems like after I was redirected to the forums for the first time since I got PlexPass, a completely new Forum account was created for me. Now when I search the forum member list, I see 2 profiles for me (xiocc, my old one, and the.real.xiocc, the new one). Maybe I was too stupid to see a separated login prompt for an existing account, if that's the case, sorry. Can/should the two accounts be cleaned up and consolidated into one?
Thanks a bunch!


  • aaronblackshear@gmail.comaaronblackshear@gmail.com Members, Plex Pass Posts: 9 Plex Pass
    Same issue here
  • ZillurZillur Members, Plex Pass Posts: 166 Plex Pass
    Just noticed this. Logging into forums from another pc is asking me to create a new account. My home pc has cookies saved and logs me in automatically with my only account.
  • claytronclaytron Members, Plex Pass Posts: 35 Plex Pass
    I just realized this as well. I remember being confused about logging into the forums after setting up PlexPass. At the time, I was just reading / searching the forums, so it didn't seem all that important. I had "claytron", but now I am "claytronic". I can still log in with either username, with the same password. Something funky with the forum integration.
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