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Add movies from PC to que and watch on smart tv?

Sharp Aquos LED Smart TV
So I just downloaded PLEX to try and see if i can eliminate hooking my HDMI up to my TV every time i want to watch a movie. It's a pain. I am still trying to figure this out though. I've added a folder to test out to "MYPLEX" and for some reason the only thing i can see on my TV is my itunes. The movies in my itunes won't even play. There is one music video that i got to play, but that's it. The others just seem to start and go black, then stop. It's rather annoying.

How can I add movies from my laptop to the que, or wherever they need to be so that I can watch them on my tv? Yes the tv is wifi ready. Sharp Aquos 52" LED Smart TV.


  • proflashrtistproflashrtist Posts: 3Members
    Magic.. i'm not sure how, but it seems to have magically shown up on my TV hah.. now i just need to make sure things are in a likeable format for PLEX
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