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Edit the Cast list of a movie

Rainey01Rainey01 Members Posts: 251 ✭✭
When a movie is found at the database site i get cast member download and displayed with the movie.
But some movies don't get cast info, and when i click the pencil tp edit the movie i don't see any cast section to edit that info manually.

Is there an way to manually add cast info to a movie. Like a plug in or something.
I don't want to edit the xml file if that is the only way with the windows client.

Thanks for any help


  • Rainey01Rainey01 Members Posts: 251 ✭✭
    So in the windows client ther is no template i could edit to and the cast to the edit page.

    What is the collection entry, can i and cast ? because you can sort by cast or that is actors so i guess it is a collection.
  • snickerssnickers Members, Plex Pass Posts: 582 Plex Pass
    i also noticed that the cast is not editable. dont know why.. really lame :/
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