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media center does not connect to Plex Media Server

sylver84sylver84 Posts: 7Members

Well I comment the problem here.

The idea was to set up a DLNA server program on my computer and also share movies, viedeos, music streaming with a laptop that I have and sometimes I connect it to the TV to watch movies and the ipad.

I tried looking around xbmc, Plex Media Server and universal.

In the end I decided on plex, and I can install the application server on my PC, the application in the portable media center and also has one for the ipad. A part of its interface is intuitive, you are looking the covers like this in xbmc and Spanish. luxury up there.

-The problem is when I open the windows in the media center laptop on the laptop, I recognize bliblioteca Plex (installed on the desktop) and bliblioteca my pc (same desktop) and want to see the shared files that I can go into the library and do not know why. I have shared folders between the desktop and the laptop and I can go perfectly, in fact if I select Windows Media Center on the laptop view bliblioteca my pc if it comes, but not in Plex.

I want to enter the Plex by tengolas folders there and I see this all better organized. I have not installed the plex application on the laptop, but I think it has to do when I leave the other file sharing menera.

I think the problem is in some opccion the desktop, because if I go to networks in the control panel, then I leave the 3 libraries, mine, the laptop and the plex. I can get into the other but not in the plex and qu em says I have no permissions.

What do I do? disable the Windows firewall? I've put Automatically allow devices to play the plex library, and I've looked to have active enabled on the router (the compal Ono) UPnP protocol, and does not enter anything.

sorry for my english

S2 and thanks
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