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Buffering / Stuttering Playback (Yep, another one)



First of all I just wanted to congratulate you guys on a pretty amazing program, the samsung client for Plex puts other media options i've tried to shame, for sure. I understand this is a free program, so I'm appreciative of the time you guys spend supporting us all.


My issue is of course that when I try and view movies or tv episodes via the Plex samsung client, I get maybe 5-10 seconds at most between pauses and 'loading' screens appearing. I've tried a number of different file formats with the same resuIt. I know this playback buffering/stuttering issue is a common one in these forums, and I've read through all the similar threads first hoping to find a solution, but so far no success.


My setup:

- Plex Media Server running on a Core i7 with 6GB of RAM, on Win7 SP1

- Connected with Cat5e via a router to a Samsung PS51D6900 running the Plex Samsung client  0.987


Troubleshooting steps I've tried so far:


- Uninstalling client, turning off and unplugging TV, waiting, powering back on and reinstalling client

- Various buffer configs in the client (1-1-1, 5-5-10. 5-10-15, 15-30-45, 100-100-100)

- Disabling all firewall/system protection on the media server box (just in case..)

- Playing back the same files via DLNA using the standard samsung 'video' app works perfectly, whether I use Mezzmo (3rd party DLNA server) or the Plex DLNA server - my issue is only playback in the Plex Samsung app

- Enabling 'force transcoding' seems to mostly smooth out playback, just couple of momentary pauses here and there, but I'm of the impression that functionality is intended as a workaround for webstreaming, not local network playback? 


I've attached sample log files as well, let me know if there's any info you need.










  • dwaynecoledwaynecole Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I have pretty much the exact same issues as you.  Media plays perfectly fine with the built in Samsung app but get stuttering after a brief time from the Plex app.

    Definitely interested in following your topic for a solution.

    Thanks for the detailed post, hopefully it will allow the Plex team to investigate.

  • keickkeick Posts: 1Members

    Long time plex user here. Have similar issues on my 6400 series samsung, but NOT with my 7000 series samsung. This problem manifested itself with the last plex server update about a month back. I too have tried every setting, and only force transcoding fixes it on the 6400 but with large pauses.

    Without transcoding, the video is smooth as silk, but the audio is garbled.

    I've tried mkv and mp4 encoded sample movies and they both have the exact same issues.... Unless, like the posters above, I use the Allshare DLNA player from the samsung then it's perfect again. So I'm not buying the same old argument; "If its not transcoding it's not Plex's fault". That maybe so, but that only means it most definately is the Plex Samsung client's fault.

  • dwaynecoledwaynecole Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    If I continue to let the video stutter and pause the Samsung TV will eventually reboot.  Could it be running out of memory due to buffering?  I doubled all of the buffer settings which seem to have a positive effect.  Eventually the app crashes or the TV/SmartHub reboots.

  • prem1erprem1er Posts: 521Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    keick wrote on March 13 2013, 12:07 AM: »

    I've tried mkv and mp4 encoded sample movies and they both have the exact same issues....

    Just to be clear mkv and mp4 are only containers for your files. It is not the type of encoding used. You should try running Mediainfo on some of the files that are causing issue and post the output here. This way we can see what types of audio/video settings could be causing issue.

    Primary PMS: Ubuntu 12.04, AMD FX-6300 Vishera 3.5Ghz, 8GB ram

    Storage: 3TB WD

    Mobile Client: 1 x Samsung Galaxy S4, 1 x HTC One, 1 x ASUS TF101

    Other Client: Roku 3

  • dwaynecoledwaynecole Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    So last night I tried something counter intuitive in most cases.  I halved the default buffer sizes under preferences and changed the transcoder quality to 1 from 12.  The media I was previously having trouble watching without stuttering or crashing played without flaw.  I am not certain how this may have helped other than maybe the buffers being so large consumed all of the local memory on the Samsung TV?

    Curious to know how much RAM is available to apps on most Samsung TVs?

  • zzozzo Posts: 43Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


    I also had buffering issues with my setup since a few weeks, all setup with default settings, no tweak.

    I have issues with 1.4GB Divx/Xvid + AC3.

    Plex server : on a Synology DS411+

    Plex client : on a Samsung EU46D7000

    So yesterday I decided to go back to Plex server and all buffering problems are solved.

    Maybe imcompatibility issues between latest PSM versions and the client ?


    Synology DS411+ > Plex > Samsung UE46D7000 (firmware 1015)
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