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April Fools Hilarity....

cody.duncumcody.duncum Members, Plex Pass Posts: 83 Plex Pass

OK, so I'm giving the Plex team the benefit of the doubt here, because I was taken completely off guard...


So i start a video this morning and get through all but the last few minutes of it.  I've had this show for years so I know the video file and link is correct, but, as I resume the video  with minutes left (via the On Deck section) suddenly my video is now eight seconds long and apparently a one Rick Astley is now serenading me and evidently Rick Rolling me.  I go back and manually navigate down into the TV Shows -> Show -> Season -> Episode, and all seems fine again. 


I just have to know, my fault, or did the Plex team have a hand in this?  Because that would be really funny for a team as hard working and customer focused to pull this off.




  • GoElevenGoEleven Members, Plex Pass Posts: 49 Plex Pass

    Happened to me as well  :) And I was taken off guard and thought I discovered some kind of an easter egg for videos with "Rick" in the file name - I was trying to watch a Rick Wakeman performance   :D

  • derrickdotelderrickdotel Members Posts: 1

    Looks like a good April Fools Day for the Plex team; they got me too!

  • EmilyjBaneEmilyjBane Members Posts: 2

    How many fool are here ? lol


  • BredonkulousBredonkulous Members, Plex Pass Posts: 22

    Ha! My friend just reported that he just got rick rolled watching an episode of Dexter on my server. Good one Plex Team  ;)

  • UrsavisionUrsavision Members Posts: 1

    Me too.

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