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Roku vs. PS3

Hey Everyone,


So I don't frequent the forums much, but I am a big Plex user in streaming a lot of my videos from my Windows 8 desktop PC onto my PS3 over my Xbox360.


I am asking for your guidance on what I am thinking of doing.  I am a big Xbox360 gamer so all of my games are on there; although, I do like the PS3's streaming capability a lot better.  I was thinking about selling my barely stressed/used PS3 and purchasing a Roku 3 with the funds that I get with some leftover.


Is the Roku as easy as a PS3 to set up?  Does anyone have any suggestions on doing this?  Do any of you have all three systems and provide some insight on what you use each for?  Looking for any help.






Systems - PS3, XBox 360, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Macbook Pro 13", Windows 8 Desktop PC

Uses - Video Streaming


  • rkelezrkelez Members Posts: 25 ✭✭
    I've got a 360, ps3, appletv, and roku 3 today.

    Gotta say, the roku absolutely dominates. From the controller, to the speed everything loads its just a better user experience than the others. Especially the ps3 or 360.

    If you don't want to play beyond or the last games coming out for ps3 go ahead and do the swap for the roku 3.

    Surround sound, mkv, 1080p, it all works without a hitch for me so far, and overall everything just feels smooth.
  • jmcgeejrjmcgeejr Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 3,032 Plex Ninja

    I will second this, although i will also state that i like the apple tv interface better.  But for the devices you have listed the roku is the way to go.

  • wineauxwineaux Members, Plex Pass Posts: 252 Plex Pass
    PS3 = Cinavia = BAD

    I quit using mine because of it, bought a used Mac Mini and switched to Plex.

    Can I interest you in a pristine Fat 60GB (upgraded to 160GB) that's fully hardware compatible with the PS2, so all your old games will play? I'm selling mine to help pay for the Mac Mini...
  • SlyG07SlyG07 Members Posts: 5
    edited April 2013

    Sorry for my late check-up here, but thanks for the feedback.

    I will most likely do that then.  I like the small and portableness of the Roku 3 anyway.  All my games are on my 360, so I don't care about games really.

    @wineaux, no thanks, I appreciate the offer.

    P.S.  I also ran into an issue on the PS3 not playing some videos that I had due to some restriction...the noise going out while the video continues to play and I need to stop for thirty seconds then continue, but it happens again blah blah blah...Does the Roku 3 also have problems like this?

    Systems - PS3, XBox 360, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Macbook Pro 13", Windows 8 Desktop PC

    Uses - Video Streaming

  • gertgermangertgerman Members Posts: 755 ✭✭
    No, the roku doesn't have this problem. That's the dreaded cinavia protection on the PS3. Roku will be fine.
  • techmattrtechmattr Members, Plex Pass Posts: 239 Plex Pass

    For streaming content the Roku really is awesome. I've found that for it's advertised purpose it doesn't live up to the hype but I don't really use it for that. It's 700+ channels or whatever... a lot of good that does when 690 of those channels are 30 second video clips that no one cares to see. It's really isn't a replacement for cable at all unless you watch nothing but sitcoms that are available on Hulu.

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