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Can't start Plex Media Server

cogniscognis Posts: 5Members ✭✭



Yesterday I was able to launch Media Server after installing and managed to link my music folders. I was also able to play music on my PC via Plex Media Centre ~ so all seemed to be working. But since then I have been unable to start Plex Media Server and I can no longer see music in Media Centre.


I thought this might be a virus as I can't open Services on my PC (Win7), so I scanned with Malwarebytes and Avast, but nothing detected.


If you have any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them.




  • johnacopiojohnacopio Posts: 2Members

    I have the same problem...for some reason my PLEX Media Server (installed in Windows 7) unable to launch as well.

    I upgraded to the latest version and I even tried to reinstall PLEX but to no avail. I tried to GOOGLE it and there's a fair bit of users who encountered the same problem but no definitive solutions.

    Any workaround for this? Please help...

  • bnjp88bnjp88 Posts: 3Members

    Not sure if mine is the same problem but my PMS also keeps crashing. Just started happening today. PMS usually runs on startup and I see the icon appear in the notification taskbar, but when i hover my mouse over it, it disappears and crashes. Everytime I run PMS manually, it appears in the taskbar but disappears and crashes when I try to click on it.

  • johnacopiojohnacopio Posts: 2Members

    Hi bnjp88

    Mine is not crashing and it is on the taskbar...my problem is that I can't launch it at all...

  • raimongraimong Posts: 9Members

    Hi everyone,

    I'm running Plex in Windows 8. I didn't get much problems before but when I installed the latest PMS update, I started to get this issue. Whenever I go to PMS ( it just displays the Plex logo then it will not proceed to my library.

    I tried it in Chrome, IE and Mozilla; same issue. I tweeted about it with a screenshot of the Javascript error that Chrome capture. Maybe this is the issue why it doesn't proceed to the landing page.

    Help, admins.


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