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enable closed caption accessibility

tigervettetigervette Posts: 22Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
On hulu, apple downloaded movies, select youtube videos, and other formats all have the video content that have closed caption embedded within the video. Hulu, Youtube, Microsoft Media Player, Silverlight, Apple DVD player, Quicktime all have the capability to playback closed caption. However VLC, Plex, and other video players do not have this capability.

Users can now embed closed caption tracks using El Gato H.264 HD turbo. I've been able to preserve closed captioning on several VIDEO_TS folders that do not have any subtitles at all (no english, spanish, french, etc) but they do have closed captioning. Is there any way that Plex 8 or future version can incorporate a way to read the closed caption stream embedded in all of these videos? If the programs above can do it, why can't Plex be able to provide the same functionality?


  • unkulunkuluunkulunkulu Posts: 1Members
    I absolutely agree that it's crucial Plex provides this type of functionality. As I recall correctly, there is an upcoming legislation which would mandate that all videos (internet based) come with close captioning embedded in their video. It would be in Plex's best interest to jump ahead of the game and provide that functionality as a selling point of being compliant with the upcoming requirements.

    I have exactly the same issue/concern with Plex, it is incredibly frustrating to find out that none of our movies played through PLEX has capability for close-captioning, hence the need to force us to quit the program and basically go via the straight up "find video in folder" method and playing it off QuickTime. Plex has such an awesome interface that it's a damn shame that this feature is preventing us from enjoying Plex's service to its fullest.

    Anybody here at Plex interested in updating the software to allow for close captioning decoding.

    Be aware of this

    Close Captioning and Subtitles are NOT the same thing.


    Subtitle assumes the viewer is "hearing" hence leaving out 100% of the background noise information whereas "Close Captioning" provides the viewer of seeing the background noises such as [Enemy Fire], [Breathing Hard], [Rain Drops], etc.

    Imagine trying to watch Alien without the volume on and only subtitles, you essentially miss out on almost what gave that movie the "special touch", but you can make up for it by using close captioning.

    [Alien 1: Hissssssssssssing]

    [Victim 1's stomach: Blurrbbbb blurrrbbbb]
  • tigervettetigervette Posts: 22Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Closed caption is now supported on VLC. This means that CC support is in every single major video player (VLC, Windows media player, Quicktime, silverlight, flash, hulu, youtube, Apple dvd player, etc). Now Plex needs to at least match the functionality of all these players. Does Plex use VLC as its foundation for its video playback or is it entirely customized for Plex only? If VLC is the foundation, can Plex upgrade to the VLC 1.0.0 standards released a few days ago?
  • aaronjbaaronjb Posts: 780Members
    Plex uses an ffmpeg based playback subsystem, but not for all plugins - many of those are rendered via their original source (e.g. Silverlight/Flash)
  • tigervettetigervette Posts: 22Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    aaronjb wrote on Jun 9 2009, 11:45 AM:
    Plex uses an ffmpeg based playback subsystem, but not for all plugins - many of those are rendered via their original source (e.g. Silverlight/Flash)

    Can m4v files be played back via Quicktime natively then? Instead of the default built in player.
  • aaronjbaaronjb Posts: 780Members
    Sure - if you quit Plex and start QuickTime ;) Plex doesn't support using any external media players other than starting them through 'Applications' as full-blown programmes (the way it supports starting FrontRow for example)
  • tigervettetigervette Posts: 22Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Does Plex 9 support closed captioning capability? On July 26, 2010, the U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of the 21st Century Communications & Video Accessibility Act, H.R. 3101, by a vote of 348-23. Eleven days later, the Senate unanimously passed its version, S. 3304, by unanimous consent. Since there is a strong push to ensure closed captioning is on all video content regardless of device or source, Plex can get ahead of the competition by ensuring that it is built into the ffmpeg video encoding engine. Are there any plans to incorporate this critical aspect of video technology?
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