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The media server responded with an error

DnaylorauDnaylorau Posts: 2Members



I have just bought a Roku X3 and I am trying to watch BBC iPlayer through Plex.  I am in Australia and I use unotelly and unblock-us to overcome the geo blocking.  I input the IP addresses provided by these two DNS providers into my Fritz Box 7390 Router.  Many channels play successfully, however BBC iPlayer gives the error in the title of this post.  If I play the iPlayer on my laptop, it works perfectly.


I have trawled through the PMS and iPlayer logs and can't find any errors.  I am stuck and have no idea how I can get the BBC iPlayer to play through Plex.  I am running Plex version


All help will be greatly appreciated




  • DnaylorauDnaylorau Posts: 2Members

    Is anyone out there able to help me with this.......PLEASE?

    I bought the Roku with the express intention of watching BBC iPlayer and it is particularly disappointing that my Plex solution doesn't work.

    I appreciate any help or advice anyone might provide

    Thank you!

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