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Server Unavailable

At work I can navigate to My.plexapp.com and sign into MyPlex and watch movies/tv series off of my PMS. But the past few days it says the server is unavailable, all the while I'm still able to watch Plex at home on my Roku. I can also login into the media manager on my home computer and watch videos from there but i still cant go through my.plexapp.com and view videos from my home pc.


I use Windows 8 at home w/ PMS

I log in at work on Windows 7

I have a Frontier Communictions assigned Zyxel P-663HN-51 modem/wireless router.

 I'm not sure what other information you need. I'm new to most of this, but I thought if I set up a port forward that it might work but my router says port triggering and not forwarding. not sure where to go from here.



  • JamminRJamminR Plexhibitionist Posts: 2,269 Plex Pass

    Not familiar with that router model, but your server setting screen saying "not connected" is indeed why myPlex says "not available" and you can't connect externally.

    You need to troubleshoot how to get your router (or windows firewall) allowing communication with your Plex server again.

    Also, "virtual servers" might be the same as port forwarding.

    I googled for you "port forwarding zyxel" and found this.


    Might not be your routers fault. Though Many router manufacturers are now disabling UPNP by default due to security risks it has,

    Windows updates may have disabled a firewall setting that allows UPNP (the protocol that Plex uses to tell routers "hey, open this door for me") to work.

  • I think it's probably the modem/router because when they came to upgrade my internet they had to swap it out, if it doesn't work I have a Netgear wireless router that I could plug into my frontier modem/router but I can't remember if I could set up port forwarding on it or not, anyhow this is how I have a virtual server set up. I don't know if it is right or not, I don't work again until tomorrow night so hopefully I can fix this. I hate having to actually go to primewire.ag. it looks a bit more suspicious than just having plex open. lol.

  • Davidgeorge916Davidgeorge916 Posts: 16
    edited June 2013

    I have no way to tell if it will work untill I get to work tomorrow night, but plex is saying that the server is connected at port 32400! (That was the default value in the manual port specification box so i just left it and used it to set up the virtual server.) Fingers crossed.

    I'm a friggin' mope. I went to the My.Plexapp.com and tried to load plex that way and it came up this time. Maybe the problem is fixed. Thanks!

  • JamminRJamminR Plexhibitionist Posts: 2,269 Plex Pass

    Looks like you got it.

    As long as your 'server' inside your network doesn't change IP addresses, you should be good to go.

    I have a few network devices set staticly inside my network so they don't ever change.

    If you need an earlier test than when you go to work, share one of your libraries with JamminR in myplex.

    (You don't have to keep it shared once tested. I'm in eastern US time zone. Can test it within next 12 hours as of this posting)

  • JamminRJamminR Plexhibitionist Posts: 2,269 Plex Pass
    edited June 2013

    So, a bit longer than the 12 hour window I mentioned, but, got your invite, can see the libraries you shared fine. Looks like you are good to go.

    (again, as long as your internal server IP doesn't change....there are ways to fix that too though....research setting static ips or assigning IPs within your router manual)

  • Awesome. I'll look into static IPs while I'm at work tonight. Thanks for the help JamminR.

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