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Chrome Cast

So I just ordered a chrome cast, which looks as if it's Google's answer to airplay. Is this going to be supported on the PLEX clients?


  • BigWheelBigWheel Posts: 9,194 Plex Employee

    its not airplay at all. in the sense that i have x video stored on my phone. i cannot stream it from phone to tv.

    what it does is.

    I have video online somewhere. I am watching on my phone. i can tell tv to go to same website and play the same video.

    and it just came out today like 12 hrs ago. why not let the devs buy one and try it out. then they will know if it will be supported

  • dslate69dslate69 Posts: 36 Plex Pass

    Can't "online" be defined a local web server? Maybe even a local web server running from your plex server.

    The only real difference between the Internet and an Intranet is where the source is fed from.

    I think it is entirely possible. Although not exactly airplay, sending it a web stream from a local source may accomplish nearly the same thing.

    In fact we know using Plex Web Client in Chrome will work, so if any PLEX client advertises itself as a Chrome browser in order to stream, isn't that all that is needed.

    I am not sure that last part is as easy as it sounds even with Chromium being open source.

  • atrusatrus Posts: 11,090 Plex Ninja

    Closing this thread to keep the amount of Chromecast threads to a minimum. Either use the ones in the Plexpass forum or this one to continue this discussion: http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php/topic/75359-chromecast/

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