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Plex on roku no longer acesses local files

why wont plex on the roku locate the local files anymore? when i got my first roku plex would find the local server. with the myplex intergration it no longer does it. when myplex went down i couldnt access my media anymore even though its a local share. any help with this would be appreciated. thanks



  • prem1erprem1er Posts: 521 Plex Pass

    What do you mean by "when myPlex went down.." (your local server stopped, or the myPlex service stopped working)? Do you have your Roku configured to connect to your server through myPlex or have you manually configured your server?

  • MaulinwolfMaulinwolf Posts: 3 Plex Pass
    edited August 2013

    when i first started using plex on a roku box it would find the local server on its own. its setup using myplex service right now. and when that goes down like it has on ocassion i cant access the local files at all. so you are saying i will manually have to set it up to connect locally?? or manually add my server to the plex running on the roku box? and local pc?

  • prem1erprem1er Posts: 521 Plex Pass

    You can configure it however you would like. If you are using myPlex, then yes it is a web service that actually needs to go outside of your network to get back data about your server. That being said, I have never had an issue with myPlex service being down. If you are finding that myPlex is going down it sounds like you may actually just be losing network connectivity (from your ISP), but I would suggest just configuring it manually if that is working for you.

  • MaulinwolfMaulinwolf Posts: 3 Plex Pass

    myplex went down just last night for about 30 minutes... and has gone down at least once a month for about the same time while they did upgrades... it isnt that big of a pain except when i was watching something lol.  i will look into how to configure plex on the roku  to manually see the server.

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